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April, 2024. Prices may vary by each location and are updated frequently.

PEST CONTROL (Roaches, Ticks, Mosquitos, and Ants)

Inspection (Free)$0.00
Initial Treatment$130.00
Follow-up Treatment (Per visit)$75.00


Termite Treatment (Based on infestation level)$800-$1800


Mosquito Treatment$55.00

Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Treatment (Based on infestation level)$500-$2800

Wildlife Control

Wildlife Removal (Based on invasion level)$140-$600

About Arrow Exterminators

James Thomas Sr. founded Arrow Exterminators in Atlanta in 1964, along with his wife Imogen. They started to provide termite protection services throughout the city, and their company grew as Atlanta went on a housing boom. Today, it is the 6th largest pest control company in the US. 

It’s still a family-owned enterprise, with their son James “Joe” Jr. joining the company in 1972 after graduating from the University of Tennessee. Joe went on to become CEO of Arrow Exterminators when the elder James passed away in 1978. 

It’s true that Arrow offers excellent termite protection services, and they’re actually among the best in the world at it. They’re the #1 provider of the Sentricon, which is regarded as the most advanced termite treatment system in the world. It’s the same termite protection system that’s used for the White House, as well as the Statue of Liberty. 

Of course, they also deal with other pests handily. They can help with ants, roaches, spiders, fleas, ticks, and bed bugs. They also control solutions for fire ants, stink bugs, silverfish, millipedes, centipedes, stinging insects (bees, wasps, and hornets), and even scorpions. 

They also have options for several types of wildlife infestations. Aside from solutions for mice, rats, and squirrels, they also have answers for bird and racoon control. They can also help with bats, opossums, and snakes. Their services include skunk removal, along with the removal of soiled insulation and the installation of new insulation. 

These are all part of their STEPS Total Protection System, which is the first of its kind. STEPS stands for Sustainability Through Environmental Practices and Solutions, as they also offer the most environmentally-friendly pest control services. 

Arrow is one of the largest pest control companies around because it still does a lot of work helping builders and real estate agents. But they also do work for homeowners as well as for commercial enterprises. With Arrow Exterminators, you’re getting the very best pest control service that the industry has to offer.

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