Southern Pest Control Prices

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May, 2024. Prices may vary by each location and are updated frequently.

PEST CONTROL (Roaches, Ticks, Mosquitos, and Ants)

Inspection (Free)$0.00
One-Time Treatment (starting price)$240.00
Annual Contract with Quarterly Visits (per visit) (starting price)$95.00
Annual Contract with Monthly Visits (per visit) (starting price)$50.00


Annual Termite Prevention (starting price)$270.00
Termite Treatment (starting price)$550-$1300

Pet Lovers

Annual Pet Lovers Treatment (starting price)$199.00


Annual Mosquito Abatement (starting price)$200.00


Rodent Removal (starting price)$75-$200

About Southern Pest Control

Ranked among the Top 100 largest pest control companies in North America, Southern Pest Control has locations in both Virginia and Maryland. They serve the needs of 40,000 homeowners each year, offering their termite control services and also protection against other types of household pests. 

The focus on offering what they call their “Service When You Need It” program, which combines high-quality service with excellent value, along with an environmentally responsible approach. Convenience is also part of their mantra, which is why they do believe in scheduling appointments to start exactly on time. That means if you’ve scheduled an appointment by noon, the Southern specialists will arrive by noon, exactly. They won’t dawdle and arrive sometime after noon. 

Their basic pest control protection plan protects your home from a wide variety of pests. These include the usual suspects, such as roaches, rodents like mice and rats, along with millipedes, centipedes, and even scorpions. 

They also offer specialty services that target a specific type of pest. They offer a plan against mosquitos, and also a fly plan. There are plans for stinkbugs and boxelder bugs, flies, cicadas, and even been nest removal. 

Their Pantry Pest Service protects your pantry from meal moths and grain beetles. This plan focuses on a long list of pests that especially target the pantry—and there’s really a lot of them. Among them are Rice Weevils, Granary Weevils, Grain Moths, Grain Bores, Drugstore Beetles, Tobacco Beetle, Indian Meal Moth, Confused Flour Beetle and Red Flour Beetles. 

Another package that might interest you is their Outdoor Party Service. An outdoor party is great, but not when you have insects flying around souring the mood and getting into the food (or your clothes). With this service, you can be very sure that the flies and mosquitos that might bother the party goers won’t be party poopers. It’s a 2-pronged approach that drives these insects away, and an “stop them on contact” method that works immediately. 

With plenty of available packages for various potential issues, Southern is a great option if you want truly effective means of stopping the pests in your home.

For more information about Southern Pest Control, visit their official website.

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