Cook’s Pest Control Prices

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May, 2024. Prices may vary by each location and are updated frequently.

PEST CONTROL (Roaches, Ticks, Mosquitos, and Ants)

Inspection (Free)$0.00
Initial Treatment$150.00
Follow-up Treatments$75.00


Annual Termite Prevention $125.00
Termite Treatment$500-$1200


Flea Treatment$160.00


Mosquito Treatment$45.00

Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Treatment (per room based on infestation size and square footage)$150-$250


Rodent Removal$125-$250

About Cook’s Pest Control

Cook’s Pest Control is virtually ancient, considering that it was founded as a termite control company way back in 1928. That was before the Great Depression, and this company survived that, along with WWII, and all the decades that followed. 

Since then, Cook’s has grown to become one of the largest pest control companies in the southeastern US, with locations in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Cook’s has about 36 locations, spread out over these 6 states. 

While Cook’s became famous for their rather unique advertising campaigns, it also didn’t hurt that they were among the technological innovators in the pest control industry. The prices for their services are actually very reasonable, including the free inspection. But Cook’s didn’t survive and grow due to their low prices. Instead, they focused on offering high quality service, and the Cook training program for their technicians remain topnotch. 

Cook’s is also known for its PPS MAX (Perimeter Protection System Maximum) service. This uses cutting-edge pest control methods and equipment that reduces the need for too-frequent service visits to your property. 

It all starts with the free estimate, and then the technicians perform a thorough, individualized pest treatment for both the inside and the outside of the home. They deal with crevices and cracks, to keep pests from entering your home. They then caulk and seal the outside areas to set up a protective barrier against pests around the house. They use scientifically-proven products, including exterior baits ad granules. 

After this initial service, your package also includes quarterly inspections. These are mostly for the exterior of the home, where most pest infestations happen. The Cook’s technicians monitor your home every few months to check that the protective barrier is holding. They will then solve any problem with the barrier. 

Cook’s also uses Sentricon, which is a termite control option that’s environmentally friendly. Other pests they can deal with include mosquitos, bed bugs, and other insects. They also handle rodents and other animals, like ants and even birds.

For more information about Cook’s Pest Control, visit their official website.

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