Ehrlich Pest Control Prices

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July, 2024. Prices may vary by each location and are updated frequently.

PEST CONTROL (Roaches, Ticks, Mosquitos, and Ants)

Inspection (Free)$0.00
One-time Insect Treatment$99.00
Annual Treatment Plan (quarterly) (starting price)$75.00


Mosquito Treatment$75.00


Wildlife Removal$100-$300

About Ehrlich Pest Control

Julius Ehrlich began Ehrlich Pest Control way back in 1928. He was actually a salesman who sold insecticide, during a time when pest control was largely a DIY activity. But when the supervisors at a department store admitted to him that they didn’t know how to apply the pest control materials, Julius offered to do the job for them, and that’s how Ehrlich Pest Control started. 

From his first base in Reading, Pennsylvania, Ehrlich Pest Control expanded over the years to more than a hundred offices scattered all over the US East Coast. These offices have more than 750 pest control specialists ready to deal with both household and workplace pests. Among their staff are entomologists who practice proper integrated pest management to get to the root cause of these pest problems. 

Getting help from Ehrlich Pest Control is simple enough. You just need to contact the nearest Ehrlich Pest Control office, and leave them a message. They’ll call back ASAP, as long as it’s a weekday. They will then send QualityPro-certified specialists (at the time you specify) to conduct the free home inspection survey, and then offer their quote and recommendations.

Once you’ve agreed to the recommendations, you can then schedule when the treatment will be set up, at a time that’s most convenient for you. These treatments are safe, even for children and pets. They’re also chosen with the environment in mind. 

The Ehrlich Pest Control specialists will visit as many times as you need, to really make sure the problem is resolved. All the solutions are guaranteed, and you will also get advice on keeping the pests aways. 

Ehrlich offers many types of special services, including professional pest fumigation. They offer chemical free heat treatments for pests such as roaches and bed bugs. 

They also offer TAP (thermal acoustical pest control) insulation, which doesn’t just lower your energy bills year-round. It’s actually more efficient than fiberglass insulation, and more fire-retardant as well. It also offers effective noise reduction. 

The insulation also protects your home from common household pests such as roaches, termites, ants. Its best feature is that it comes with a lifetime warranty, and you’ll never need to replace it.

For more information about Ehrlich Pest Control, visit their official website.

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