States with the Worst Pest Problems

States with the Worst Pest Problems

It’s estimated that as many as 90% homeowners have experienced a pest infestation – some minor and others quite severe. Insects and other pests are widespread all over the country, and it’s especially bad in Florida, California, Texas, Louisiana, and New York.

The most common insect problem is ant infestation. Ants are pervasive across the United States. Termites, on the other hand, are more common in the South, Southeast and West.

The country’s top 10 states for the most prevalent pest problems are:

1. Florida                                 6. New York

2. Louisiana                             7. Mississippi

3. Texas                                   8. Alabama

4. California                             9. Missouri

5. Georgia                                10. South Carolina

Florida ranks the highest for bug problems, with Louisiana and Texas ranking 2nd and 3rd. When it comes to bed bugs however, New York has the worst cases, followed by California and Florida.

States with the Fewest Bugs

It’s impossible to pinpoint exactly which areas in the US have the fewest bugs. But a survey conducted on homeowners found that the following 10 states are believed to have the least pest problems:

  1. Washington DC
  2. South Dakota
  3. Connecticut
  4. Idaho
  5. New Hampshire
  6. Delaware
  7. North Dakota
  8. Illinois
  9. Utah
  10. New Mexico

One thing to note is that this survey did not include rodents  in the list which seems to be worse in Washington DC compared to other states.

About 63% of homeowners who have had to deal with pests previously had gone the DIY pest control route, while 23% have called for pest control or extermination services. Of those who went the DIY route, 40% of them ended up calling a pro.

What to Do If You Live in a Buggy State

If you live in a state that is known for pest problems, you need to take proactive steps to ensure your home and your household are protected.

Florida for example has great weather all year round which means bugs and insects are always actively hunting for shelter and food. To prevent pests from entering your home, implement the following steps:

1. Seal Your Foundation Wall

This is a popular entry point for ants and other bugs. Use liquid cement or caulk to seal any crack or gap.

2. Seal All Exterior Walls

Fill in any gaps or holes around your fixtures and windows. We recommend getting exterior treatment done by Massey Pest Control to prevent bugs from crawling through window frames and your roofline.

3. Install Screens

You should install window and door screens and use them all year round.

4. Seal Opened Snacks

Most insects enter homes in search of food. If they find some in your home, they will be back for more. Food like fruits and veggies should be stored in the fridge, pet food should be sealed, and any unfinished food should be stored in an airtight container.

If you live in a pest-prone area, you should be vigilant and check your home regularly for pests as well as possible entryways. Contact a pest control company so they can check for structural infestation, eradicate any pests living in your home, as well as prevent a re-infestation.

Here’s a video showing New York’s rodent problem:

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